We envision a California in which all children with disabilities and other special needs have full access to quality inclusive child care that welcomes families and supports providers.


The mission of the MAP to Inclusion & Belonging… Making Access Possible, is to create a statewide system of support, training and resources that gives all families and providers barrier-free access to inclusive child care.

Guiding Principles

Infant and teacher interacting with toysEstablishing guiding principles was a task required of all the state Map programs as part of the original grant in 1997. While developed at project inception, the principles have certainly served as guiding lights for activities that reinforce the mission and vision during subsequent contract years.

They are:

  • Child care providers are competent to serve all children in their care, including those with disabilities and other special needs.
  • Policy decisions and program designs support children having the same caregivers or teachers throughout the day and over time.
  • The concept of inclusion and the use of inclusive practices are promoted through the coordination and use of existing systems and resources and are reflected in all information, materials, and products developed and disseminated.
  • A well-trained and well-compensated work force, informed consumers, and multiple systems of support are essential components of quality child care.
  • Children and families are the primary beneficiaries of all project activities.
  • Family-focused services follow the child.
  • Children and providers receive the same supports and services regardless of the type of care environment they are in.
  • Development and maintenance of public/private partnerships with the agencies that have an impact on child care, families, and other key stakeholders is critical for children and youth with disabilities and other special needs to be full participants in all types of care.
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