Vision Statement: Social-emotional development is foundational for learning and development in young children, and California is committed to promoting and supporting healthy social-emotional development in all of its children.

California CSEFEL Pyramid Model Partnership

California’s Vision for Supporting Early Childhood Social and Emotional Competence

The California Collaborative on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (California CSEFEL) is led by the CA CSEFEL Leadership Team (PDF) that includes many state agencies and their training partners. Leadership Team members work together to promote the Teaching Pyramid Framework (PDF), resolve state-level barriers, infuse information into various professional development systems based on a common approach, and facilitate access to necessary interventions at the local level.

The Teaching Pyramid Framework has been adapted and enhanced for California from the National Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (National CSEFEL) see California Enhancements (PDF). It maximizes collaboration to enhance linkages and methods for local agencies to deliver services and to connect families to appropriate interventions, including children’s mental health, Early Start, special education, and medical services.

Teaching Pyramid Framework (PDF), with its emphasis on strong relationships, support for social competence, and the prevention of challenging behaviors, is congruent with California’s social and emotional foundations for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children; the Desired Results Developmental Profile; California Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant; and other quality improvement approaches.

CA CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Framework

Tiered approach of evidence-based practices:

  • Promotes healthy social-emotional development for all children
  • Prevents challenging behaviors
  • Intervenes to address individual problematic behaviors through intensive interventions

Bridges e-Journal

2014 Bridges Newsletter

This 19 page newsletter explains what CA CSEFEL is, why social and emotional development is important and what California is doing to implement the CA CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid approach.

Download Bridges Newsletter (PDF)

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