Resources & Links

Resources and links have been gathered by topic area for specific information needs to support children with disabilities and their families. Generally, web resources from well-respected organizations with useful and readily available materials are chosen. New topic areas are added regularly based on the needs of the field.

An adult and child conversing on a playground

Coping with Trauma: A Collection of Resources

The resources in the Coping with Trauma section of MAP will help you address the needs of children in times of violence and trauma. Some of the resources are specific to children with special needs and others are more general. Some of the resources are available in other languages as indicated.

A teacher and children interacting during an art activity

Cultural Competency & Resources in Multiple Languages

In response to requests from the field for resources to support culturally competent work with children and families as well as easy access to resources in multiple languages, additional web resources have been identified and collected below.

A child using an assistive device to walk

Disability-Specific Information

Information, resources, national associations, and support groups are grouped alphabetically by specific disability. Under “General Disabilities” you’ll find helpful resources from the Center for Disease Control and information on rare disorders at the NORD website.

A child and teacher clapping

Early Identification: Learn the Signs Act Early

In collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Learn the Signs Act Early Grant partners in California, this area of MAP promotes the distribution of the free CDC materials on developmental milestones to aid families, early care and education providers, home visitors, health care providers and others in identifying the early signs of a developmental delay.

Parents and an infant

Family Engagement

The MAP… Making Access Possible Project team has identified the following websites and resources that support family engagement and promote partnerships with families.

Children using assistive devices on a playground

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

First Lady, Michelle Obama's national health initiative, "Let's Move," encourages physical activity for children and adults. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services all Americans, including those with disabilities, need physical activity to support physical and emotional health.

Children and teacher at a table activity

Inclusive Practice

Links to information, tools, websites and other resources that support the development, management and sustainability of inclusive practices in early care and education settings are found in this area.

An infant reaching out to a mother's face

Infant & Early Mental Health Intiatives

This area of the website includes information about infant and early mental health initiatives in California and throughout the nation, organizations promoting infant and early mental health and research on brain development.

Teacher and child interacting at a table activity

Legal & Licensing

State and federal organizations providing oversight of and services to children and families with disabilities, regulatory agencies and advocacy groups are found here. Key organizations in this area include the California Department of Developmental Services and the California Department of Education, Early Education and Support Division.

A father and his sons eating cake

Organizations Designed for Families of Children with Disabilities

The organizations in this area of the website specifically address the information and support needs of families. Many of them are developed and managed by parents of children with disabilities. National, state and local websites with information specifically for families are also found here.

Four children sharing a magnifying glass


Associations, organizations promoting knowledge, information and best practices, research based organizations and newsletters on topics related to early education, child care and disability topics for children birth to age 21 are found here.

Children listening to a teacher reading a book

School Age & Beyond

To more effectively address the needs children older that five years of age the Map Team has focused attention on identifying resources to support youth and young adults in their school, after school programs and community activities.

Two young children reading a book

Social-Emotional & Behavior

For this area of the MAP, research, tools, articles, resources and websites have been gathered to help explain and support the social and emotional development of children from birth through adolescence.

Adults working together around a table

Training & Technical Assistance

The organizations in this area of the website provide technical assistance and/or training that may be useful to families, childcare providers, or preschools who are developing or supporting an inclusive setting for children. State and national organizations are listed here.

Two boys sharing a computer

Video Collection

The MAP Video Collection was created in response to the need for easy access to videos that promote inclusion and support the needs of children with disabilities and/or special needs and their families.

A boy standing on a large cement ball

Visual Supports

This area of the website identifies visual support websites with tools, tips and guidance to facilitate understanding, communication, organization, literacy and independence for all children.