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Teaching Pyramid
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Success Stories

Program wide implementation of the Teaching Pyramid has had a positive impact on children, teachers, families and communities. Below are video clips from interviews with teachers that describes the changes that they’ve experienced.

2015 Teaching Pyramid Symposium Partner Site Discussion Panel

View success stories from Partner Sites shared during the 2015 Teaching Pyramid Symposium

Glenn County Office of Education
Presenter: Shirley Overstreet
Video Length: 2:40 mins
Merced County Office of Education
Presenter: Joyce Darbo
Video Length: 4:28 mins
Sacramento County, Sacramento City Unified School District
Presenter: Colleen Ridolfi
Video Length: 10:03 mins
Sacramento County, SETA Head Start
Presenters: Denise Gale & Nathanael Gale
Video Length: 7:44 mins
Santa Clara County, St. Elizabeth’s Day Home
Presenters: Dianna Ballesteros & Patricia Byron
Video Length: 9:01 mins
Yolo County, YMCA of the East Bay
Presenter: Socorro Robles
Video Length: 4:57 mins

Isauro Michael Escamilla, M.A.

Isauro Michael Escamilla, M.A. has taught in the San Francisco Unified School District for over 15 years. He is currently teaching at Las Americas Early Education School using the Project Approach. Here are some examples of his thoughts on the impact of the Teaching Pyramid:

Video Length: 1:51 mins
Teaching About Feelings
Video Length: 2:30 mins
Solving Conflicts without Violence
Video Length: 3:52 mins
Empowering Children with the Solution Kit
Video Length: 2:55 mins
Importance of Involving Parents
Video Length: 2:46 mins

Barbara Chisholm, San Francisco Unified School District

“The Teaching Pyramid gave me a set of tools and vocabulary to help teachers form trusting relationships with children.”

Trusting Relationships with Children
Video Length: 2 mins
Growth Through Relationships
Video Length: 1 min