MAP Project Resources

Essential information, training PowerPoints and publications on inclusion produced by the MAP Team can be accessed here. The very latest resources added to MAP are described in the “MAP Newsletters” area. The comprehensive inclusion handbook, Inclusion Works!, is available for download along with a PowerPoint and related resources. MAP Training PowerPoints complete with notes include, Talking to Parents When You Have Concerns About a Child in Your Care and the Overview of Early Start. Reports and Useful Documents gives you access to downloadable California Department of Education publications and other inclusion documents.

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California Collaborative on the Social & Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

California Collaborative for the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning leads efforts to support social and emotional development in California. Area includes adapted materials and links to resources.

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County Specific Resources

Organizations supporting children with disabilities and inclusion/behavior resources in each county are found here. “Guide” that explains them is also available.

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Hot Topics

Areas of interest generated based on public requests for information.

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Inclusion Works! Creating Child Care Programs That Promote Belonging for Children with Special Needs

Inclusion Works! was written and developed by California MAP to Inclusion and Belonging… Making Access Possible director, Linda Brault. Building on research and the experience of years of effective implementation, this handbook contains stories and examples, as well as background information and resources that support strategies for successful inclusion.

MAP Newsletters

MAP Newsletters

MAP Newsletters contain the very latest information, articles and web links added to the MAP website. They direct you to newly identified resources and topic areas. All of the newsletters provide useful tools, publications, training materials and other resources to support children with disabilities and special needs.

MAP Training PowerPoints

MAP Training PowerPoints™

Training PowerPoints™ developed by the California MAP to Inclusion and Belonging… Making Access Possible to use for ideas on talking with family members when concerned about a child as well as to better understand the California Early Start system.

Reports and Useful Documents

Reports & Useful Documents

Dissemination of information in a useable format is one way to help create a statewide system of support, training, and resources that give all families and providers barrier-free access to inclusive child care.