Falling and rising multi-colored arrows behind the words Hot TopicsNew resources collected to meet the needs identified by the field. Research, tools, frameworks and tips are gathered to create a new topic area in MAP. They are introduced in MAP Newsletters related to the theme of the newsletters. They are listed by the year they were created.

Resources for Trauma Informed Care

The wild fires in California, the mass shootings in Las Vegas, hurricanes and their aftermath, violence and racism, and families experiencing homelessness or being threatened by deportation are all tragedies we have been exposed to. Our children, including children with disabilities, are watching the news, watching adults reacting to what they see and hear, or they may be directly affected by a crisis. We all need to be aware of the impact that these events may be having on children and on us as parents, caregivers, and educators, whether we are directly involved in a traumatic event or experiencing secondary trauma from just hearing about the trauma of others.

Supporting Immigrant Children and Their Families

Approximately 1 in 4 U.S. Latino children have a parent who is an unauthorized immigrant. This means that there are more than 4 million Latino children in the United States who are at risk of experiencing parental separation and the stress and fear associated with their family’s uncertain legal status.

Winter 2016 – Building A Culture of Inclusion: 10 Guiding Questions

Teacher and Student interacting at activity tableBuilding a Culture of Inclusion: 10 Guiding Questions introduces the 2015 federal Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs and identifies California’s inclusion resources as well as key federal resources and other new resources that support recommendations from the Policy Statement. The resources are framed as the title suggests: Building a Culture of Inclusion: 10 Guiding Questions. This is a must read resource for anyone who is creating or sustaining inclusive settings.

Winter 2015 – Visual Supports

Young boy posing on a large, cement ballThis area of the website identifies visual support websites with tools, tips and guidance to facilitate understanding, communication, organization, literacy and independence for all children.

Spring 2014 – Early Identification

Teacher engaging with child during classroom activityThe Early Identification page was developed in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Learn the Signs Act Early Grant partners in California under the goal to promote distribution of the free CDC materials on developmental milestones to aid families, early care and education providers, home visitors, health care providers and others in identifying the early signs of a developmental delay.

Fall 2013 – Video Collection

Two children interacting with a computerThe MAP Video Collection was created in response to the need for easy access to videos that promote inclusion and support the needs of children with disabilities and/or special needs and their families.

Winter 2012 – Coping with Trauma

Teaching and student sitting and talking in playgroundThe resources in the Coping with Trauma section of MAP will help you address the needs of children in times of violence and trauma. Some of the resources are specific to children with special needs and others are more general.

Summer 2011 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Children on play ground using assistive devices“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body,” identifies resources and websites that provide strategies to support physical health and stress reduction with special attention to children and youth with disabilities.

Spring 2010 – School Age & Beyond

Children sitting and listening to teacher reading a bookTo more effectively address the needs children older that five years of age the Map Team has focused attention on identifying resources to support youth and young adults in their school, after school programs and community activities.

Spring 2008 – Infant & Early Mental Health Initiatives

Infant reaching out to caress parent's faceHot Topics is a new feature of Map created to identify resources and information about areas of interest that people are talking about in the field. The topic will change periodically. For our first “Hot Topic” we’ve chosen “infant and early mental health initiatives.” The websites below identify and describe current and past initiatives in California.

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