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Outline of California with the words MAP Training PowerPointsCalifornia MAP to Inclusion & Belonging… Making Access Possible has developed training resources to use for ideas on talking with family members when concerned about a child as well as to better understand the California Early Start system. These resources are intended for early childhood faculty, infant/toddler child care staff, early educators, and after-school providers. It is hoped that these resources will support California MAP’s purpose of promoting collaboration among early childhood educators and early interventionists/special educators, while also expanding opportunities for inclusion and access to services for children with special needs and their families.

Each training resource consists of a PowerPoint™ slide show, the same PowerPoint™ slides with notes for the trainer in Portable Document Format (PDF), and handouts for participants, also in PDF. Other materials may also be included, such as an article or a link to pertinent materials. The second PowerPoint™ slide lists the conditions for use of these training materials which are shown below:

  • This PowerPoint™ and accompanying notes were developed by the California MAP to Inclusion & Belonging for use in training and educational settings
  • The content was reviewed and approved by the California Department of Education, Early Education & Support Division, as well as the Special Education Division and the Department of Developmental Services, when appropriate
  • The information regarding the laws and regulations, as well as the website links, were accurate at the time of distribution
  • Modification of the content is not permitted
  • Local information may be used as a supplement, but shall not be represented as part of the document
  • Users are free to duplicate this material in its entirety, with appropriate credit, for educational purposes only

California MAP to Inclusion & Belonging is pleased to make the following training resources available to the field:

Talking with Parents When You Have Concerns About a Child in Your Care

Training PowerPoint slides for Talking with ParentsThis PowerPoint™ and accompanying article is designed to provide a framework for caregivers (anyone providing child care or out-of-school care for children) when they have concerns that a child in their care might have a developmental delay, disability, or significant behavior problem; when preparing to share concerns with a child’s parents or family members (anyone raising the child); or in understanding different ways family members will receive and act on an expressed concern.

Available translations:

Overview of California Early Start

Training PowerPoint slides for California Early StartUpdated July 2015 to reflect changes in state law as of January 2015
This PowerPoint™ is designed to assist early educators in understanding the Early Start early intervention system when a child in their care, birth to age three years of age, has an identified disability or when they have concerns that a child in their care, birth to age three years of age, might have a disability, developmental delay or be at risk for a developmental disability. There are two parts of this resource: the Brief Overview and Journeys Through Early Start that includes stories of three children to illustrate the various ways that children can enter and receive services.